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Welcome to the Corner Foodstore

The Corner Foodstore is a family-friendly store where customers feel at home! Corner Foodstore is not a mega store nor a gigantic chain but a family-run supermarket, with the expertise that gives shoppers more.  The store offers all the benefits of an out-of-town mega supermarket while retaining the homely feel of the traditional neighborhood store.

“Everyone knows my mum here, and more importantly they trust her,” says Gordon about his mother Mary who started off the shop in humble beginnings. “My mum is old fashioned, in all the right ways,” Gordon adds. “She works long hours everday and is dedicated to a bygone era of cornershop customer service, from carrying shopping bags to a customer’s car to listening to their problems.”

What Gordon doesn’t say is that he was instrumental in expanding the little shop into a respected store, having had the foresight to invest in the right technology and in selecting the best brands and building the right team. The store boasts over 15,000 items, all within easy reach in the all-in-one floor mini-market yet carefully placed in well sectioned displays. Parking is no problem, friendly staff, great selection, geniune products and everything at hand. “Perfect for the customer in a hurry,” Gordon adds.

Together, mother and son built the Corner Foodstore into what it is today, a blend of old and new and a homely touch has been the store’s recipre for success.  By offering our customers everything from those daily essentials to particular items for special occasions, we set ourselves apart from the rest. We stand out for our great products, special offers  and fair prices. Plus, our service-with-a-smile attitude ensures you are happy with your purchases.